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Hi, I'm Diego Zambrano

Welcome to Carven Animal!

Every since I could remember, I've always felt a magnification to all types of animals. I grew up in Venezuela, so I was given me the opportunity to foster and care for a variety of the world's loveliest little creatures. Stray dogs, a Momma cat and her litter, or even an iguana falling from a tree - I've been lucky, and know that I'm even luckier to say that I truly feel a deep connection to my profession.

I was constantly attempting to sneak animals into my family home without my parents finding out, can you imagine how much they loved that? With the wide array of animals that I was able to care for, (Tortoises, Parrots, Snakes, Rats, Frogs, Iguanas, Pigeons, etc.) I've been quite blessed given my passion-driven years of experience and understanding for Exotic Animals.

Years passed, and I continued to share a love for all general species - scaly or not!

However, it wasn’t until recent when I realized what was right there in front of me. Tending to the individual needs of each different animal has been both rewarding and exciting, and I look forward to sharing my attributed knowledge with new and old clients alike.

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